West Florissant, MO

Welcome to CFL Child Development Center at 7200 West Florissant, MO. At CFL Child Development Center, we are committed to delivering remarkable care and education for children in their early years. Our center is a cozy and appealing space that allows children the chance to develop, progress, and explore in a safe and encouraging ambiance. Get in touch with us now to find out more information on our courses and offerings.

At CFL Child Development Center, we recognize the uniqueness of each child. We wish to create an atmosphere of assistance and inclusion to give them rapid growth. We offer various programs and resources to assist in the advancement of a child’s overall growth.


At CFL Child Development Center located in West Florissant, MO, we offer a variety of programs to support the developmental needs of children. Our services focus on assisting physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth. These are adapted to each age group to make sure every child is receiving suitable care and education.

infant daycare

Our infant daycare facility offers a safe and caring atmosphere for babies ranging from 6 weeks to 12 months. Our experienced staff are skilled to give the specific care that babies require, such as feeding, diapering, and soothing techniques. Our program provides a variety of exercises including tummy time, sensory activities, and social engagement with other babies, which are essential for early cognitive and social growth.

toddler daycare

Our toddler daycare program focuses on accommodating young kids aged between one and two years old. During this period of their lives, they are becoming more mobile and independent. Keeping that in mind, we have designed this program to support their growing independence while providing a safe and stimulating environment. Activities could include making art, singing, and playing outside, all of which promote a toddler's imagination, physical coordination, and social skills.

Early Preschool

Our pre-kindergarten program is created for youngsters between two and three years of age. The curriculum offers a variety of activities that boost their physical, cognitive, and emotional-social growth. Activities may include narrating stories, pretend-playing, and exploring early mathematics and literacy fundamentals. This can aid in developing their language and communication skills, fine motor skills, and social skills.


This program offers an organized journey of study, building on what has already been learned in the early preschool period. For kids aged 3 to 4 years old, we have included circle time, group projects, and science and social studies ideas which can help children enhance their problem-solving abilities, imaginativeness, and social aptitudes.


Our pre-kindergarten program is customized for 4 to 5-year-olds. This program prepares children for kindergarten by providing them with a more structured and academic curriculum. Lessons may involve small group discussions, practical projects, and social-emotional learning, which aid youngsters in honing their literary, mathematical, and problem-solving abilities, along with their social and emotional aptitude.

At CFL Child Development Center, we are determined to give top-notch care and education for all ages of children. Our plans are customized to suit the different needs of each age group. Our veteran and thoughtful caregivers are devoted to aiding in children’s growth and development. Contact us now or come to West Florissant, MO to check our services and find out how we can enhance your child’s education and growth.

Why Choose Us

At CFL Child Development Center, we recognize that deciding on a childcare service can be a hectic decision for parents. Therefore, we work tirelessly to provide extraordinary care and education that caters to both children and families. Here are a few explanations as to why we should be your choice:

Our team is experienced in working with kids of all ages. They are devoted to providing a safe and supportive atmosphere where they can cultivate and flourish.

Our activities are tailored keeping in mind the age group of children so that the level of care and instruction fits the needs of their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Our programs are designed to support children's physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

We ensure that our facility offers a safe and stimulating atmosphere for kids. There is a selection of age-suitable toys, games, and devices for learning and growth.

We provide wholesome food and treats that satisfy the dietary requirements of each kid. Our dishes are cooked on-site and are intended to promote healthy eating habits.

We understand that some parents may have unusual workplaces and priorities. So we accommodate them by providing 24-hour childcare at one of our locations. We can provide assistance in flexible hours as well as before and after-school assistance for kids who attend school.

We highly value parents and recognize them as an integral part of their child's education and growth. We strive to uphold parental involvement. We also regularly communicate with parents to inform them about their child's development and accomplishments.

We provide economical prices for our excellent care and instruction. We fully understand that childcare can be costly, which is why we work to keep our costs reasonable for families.

We look forward to introducing you and your child to the CFL Child Development Center. With our outstanding range of services, talented staff, secure setting, and cutting-edge program of study, we are the top option for families in West Florissant, MO. At CFL Child Development Center, we are devoted to offering outstanding care and education that fits the individual requirements of every child and family. Connect with us today to plan a visit and discover more about how we can help your child’s education and growth.